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AANGAMIK DMG TABLETS mainly consist of N.N.DIMETHYLGLYCINE extracted purely from apricot seeds. AANGAMIK DMG TABLETS helps the body to release energy and it is also one of the important elements for metabolism.It can be found in nuts,cereals,meats & liver.Human cells can also produce DMG. AANGAMIK DMG TABLETS are solely produced by Food Science Corporation,U.S.A. and is invented by Dr.Roger Kedall.
It is water-soluble,does not contain any binder,filler and excipient,non-toxic,anti-allergenic and non-mutagenic.It is easily absorbed by the digestive system and is metabolised rapidly in the liver.


1. Increases our body’s ability to utilise oxygen at cellular level.
2. Improves brain vitality.
3. Helps our body to absorb nutrients.


Suitable for :
· Children 3 years and above
· Athlete
· Elderly people

Suggested Use: 1-2 tablets daily;better result,place under the tongue.

Packaging: 125mg x 30 tablets/box

PRICE : USD69.00

How vast is your knowledge about brain enrichment?

Human beings are set apart from other creatures on Earth as the former are gifted with brains that allow them to think.Although the brain only takes up 2% of total body weight,it requires 20% of the total oxygen in the human body.Therefore,sufficient supply of oxygen is the main condition to keep healthy brain cells.

When one ages,the blood vessels in his/her brain age as well or the blood circulation and decrease the volume of blood flowing to the brain.When blood does not circulate well,the brain cells do not get ample oxygen and nutrients.When this happens,symptoms like dizziness,giddiness and headache appear.

Besides insufficient oxygen supply,our brain’s health can also deteriorate due to lack of stamina,fatigue caused by prolong diet imbalance,environmental pollution and toxin in food.

Memory loss is also closely related to the depletion and dysfunction of the brain cells besides the lack of neurotransmitter secretion.These conditions are inevitable aging symptoms but which seriousness could be lessened.

The Brain Health Pack launched by CNI encompasses DMG and Royal Ginkgo which are beneficial to promote oxygen supply and enhance blood circulation,thus increasing the supply of oxygen and nutriens to the brain.DMG is a natural nutrient effective in increasing the stamina and oxygen,enhancing oxygen supply to the brains cells,supplying nutrients for brain vitality and increasing the nerves transmission function in the brain.With this,DMG is proven to be crucial for students sitting for examinations,business people,late night workers and those with weak stamina and weak nerves.
Royal Ginkgo is a nutritious health supplement to enhance blood circulation to the brain,improve blood circulation in the brain and promote normal functioning of the brain cells.


N,N-Dimethylglycine is also known as “Vitamin B15”by Russian scientists in 1964.DMG is an active metabolite which can be produced by our body from choline and is also provided in small quantities in foods.According to Dr.Jerzy W.Meduski of USC School Of Medicine in Los Angeles,DMG,considered by most researchers as a “metabolic enhancer”,is a food substance which presence in the diet in optimal quantities can improve physical and mental performance,especially under stressful situations.

Dr.Meduski’s work has demonstrated that DMG may enhance oxygen utilisation in the body’s cells and can retard lactic acid buildup.This is important for athletes who wish to maximise their physical output.Dr.Charles D.Graber of the University of South Carolina School of Medicine and his colleagues concluded in a clinical study that DMG enhances both antibody production and cellular immunity in humans.His research has also shown that DMG significantly stimulates B-cell lymphocytes (white blood cells that produces antibodies) to produce much higher antibody responses and enhance the activity of T-cell lymphocytes (white blood cells that reject foreign matters) and macrophages (large scavenger white blood cells).Another exciting possibility from this research is that DMG may be capable of returning the suppressed activity of lymphocytes in diabetics and sickle cell anemic patients to normal.

In addition to boosting our immune system,DMG also seems to boost the amount of energy we can get from the oxygen available in our blood.Usually the effect is noticed only when maximum performance is needed,such as exhausting physical activity,aerobics or high capacity work by a heart patient.As an example,Dr.Thomas V.Pipes of the Institute of Human Fitness in California found that DMG increased the time it took athletes to run to exhaustion by twenty four percent.

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